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random 01June23 notes :-)

I was quiet yesterday because I was working really hard. I had so many things to do and not nearly enough time to do them. I got probably 50% of my to do list done. But its the weekend, no thinking about work, 'kay?

I had a long chat with Megan last night about my recent thoughts and dreams. She’s gonna be a good counselor, no matter what profession she goes into smile AND, they increased her hours at Fred Meyers! She’s the youngest employee at the Orchards branch, AND they are making her head chef for the deli on Monday! The other lady there said it was 7 years before they gave her that spot (it rotates between shifts)... Megan’s been there a week. So wow, she’s scared!

A few bloggy notes:
Cheryl, you are looking great - and almost done! smile

Happy Birthday yesterday, Erika!

I got a beautiful postcard from Alie!!! She’s SUCH a sweetheart smile I’ll scan it in later! smile

Yes, I did watch part of the Real World Anniversary Special the other day *g* Much to E’s dismay *g* I watched almost all of the Seattle season when it was on, and the people from Boston look familiar to me, too. I remember a bit of Hawaii, and enough of San Francisco to remember Puck LOL! I can’t believe its been on for 10 years - it doesn’t seem that long!

Now I think I’ll go and paint for a while. I’m addicted to drawing with my tablet and Painter right now smile Its really relaxing and takes the stress out of my head smile


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*wee* I’m glad everyone likes their postcards! smile

Aaagh! I missed the Real World Anniversary Special. What a bummer. Seattle was my favorite season. Followed closely by Boston. smile

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