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California in June recap

My trip was so nice! We had just a wonderful time! My recap is long! smile

I worked as fast as I could on friday to make it out of work by 4:30. Megan and Lisa drove me to my house, I grabbed my stuff and my Eric, and we jetted off to the airport. Got there in plenty of time, and walked through the bookstore and sat (while I tried to calm my pounding heart from working so hard and being nervous about the whole thing.) Our flight was good, but the ham and cheese sandwiches were pretty nasty! But that was okay, because the weekend was all about food. *g* Read, you’ll see *g*

E’s parents (Larry and Lorna) and Craig, his brother, met us at the airport with flowers smile Beautiful yellow calla lilys (I think), and pretty purple flowers. They were so nice to me, all weekend long. I am really starting to fit in with the family more - I feel more accepted every time I visit smile They remodeled E’s bedroom into a guest bedroom, with a real bed instead of his bunkbed/desk combo. It was a really pretty looking room, with pictures of us on the dresser *giggle* E’s bookshelf is still in there, so its not completly de-eric-ified yet! As soon as we walked in the door, Lorna decided that we needed to eat. Yummy lasagna smile And Buster Bars (similar idea to DQ’s Peanut Buster Parfait) - it was crushed oreos with ice cream on top, and then a chocolate fudgie sauce with peanuts all mixed in. YUM! And then all of E’s friends showed up - lots of hugging and chatting and fun. Greg and Bert and Sarah and Brian and Jamie and Quoc and Sunny.... most of the whole game. I stayed up talking for quite a while, and then went to bed around 10:30ish, I think. I kept hearing them laughing downstairs periodically throughout the night, but there wasn’t a clock so I had no idea what time it was, but I knew E hadn’t climbed back into bed yet. I finally heard him come in and asked him what time it was - 7:15!!! Oh my, he had stayed up all night playing games and talking! And we were going to go to church! I told him to go to sleep, that we wouldn’t worry about going to church, and he slept until 11ish when I woke him up to get ready for lunch. I sat and read one of my nice Jude Deveraux books while he slept smile

E’s family came over for lunch - his Aunt Bonnie and her girls, Lori, Katy, and Juanita (Nita), his Aunt Sharon and her daughter Juliet (Julie). We had Potato chip cassorole (its actually really good, with fri-chik in it) and corn that she added stuff to make delicious, and earthquake cake! (Like an upside down german chocolate kind of cake with whip cream on top. We had a nice meal, and everybody is starting to warm up to me now. I am really getting to know this part of the family and they all are genuinely nice to me smile I watched E and Craig and Katy and Lorna play Uno for a while smile Then Craig took E and I to E’s friend Emily’s house for a going away party. We thought the guys would be there, but they had already left the party. Kinda odd, cuz I knew no one, and E knew only one or two people. Bert and Sarah and Quoc and Sunny had gone to Wango Tango, a huge concert in LA, and so the rest of us got together and played games. Dahlia, Craig’s girlfriend came over too - she’s such a sweety. I think we’d have fun being sisters-in-law if that ever happened smile The guys even both of us girls to play with them! We played Citidel, a german game that Gabe translated... sounds odd, but it was actually fun smile And then we played Apples to Apples, which I like. I’ve actually won that one a few times. We had more good food, of course - popcorn and fruit salad and english muffin pizza things (without any tomato sauce, they were good).... typical Adventist Saturday night food. And I went to bed smile

Sunday morning, we slept in because we didn’t have anything really planned until lunch. Got up, hung around, I read another book, cleaned out more of E’s room. We actually threw away and took a bunch of the stuff in his closet, which put a little dent in the stuff. We don’t have room to store everything he has there at our house, so someday when we have a house, we’ll go down with a uhaul and take all of the legos and books and furniture and stuff with us. Craig and E gave Larry their presents for Father’s Day - C got some chocolates from San Francisco while he was there, and a cool green stone ball. E found a cool set of hose attachments at home depot and some accessories that will be awesome for washing the car and watering the yard and gardeny area (they have oranges and apricots and stuff like that in the back yard). We stopped at Larry’s office because I’d never been there and to add the green ball to the collection. He has all sorts of cool stuff there. Then we went to lunch for fathers day at Lotus Garden. I’ve been there before with E another time when we were there. Its a chinese restaurant with a great vegetarian menu. They actually have stuff like sweet and sour chicken with vege-meat in it instead of tofu. They had some really good things there! I got to talk to Craig about his honors pysc project that he has to work on for next year (he’ll graduate next June). He has some great ideas, and I wish I was closer so I could help him research. I’d enjoy that. I talked to Lorna about being a nurse because of Megan, so we talked about that a bit.

From there, we went back home, where we tried to get ahold of the guys to find out about graduation. We got to listen to Quoc’s stories for quite some time, about people I didn’t know. Hmmm, not so much fun *G* Eventually, we all get ourselves together (Greg, Quoc, E and me - and then we met Sunny and Sarah there) and headed out to Cal State San Bernadino. Grad started at 6, and was in a basketball arena on campus... There were probably 1000 graduates, and the arena was filled with spectatures. Do you realize how long that takes? We were there for about 3+ hours!! We got to see Bert, he was really happy and excited, and so that was cool. His family invited us to dinner at Olive Garden afterwards, so we went over there as soon as we could get out of the arena. Sunny and Sarah decided to play the newlywed game on E and I and asked us silly questions about each other LOL! It was funny! After taking a few pictures of us all in the parking lot, we went back to E’s house (which has always been the hangout for this gang of friends!) and played a few more games... I was getting so sleepy that my response time on Apples to Apples was getting REALLY slow! *giggle* So I said my goodnights and went to bed.

Monday morning, we got up late and lounged around. Cleaned, finished packing, watched tv, made out *g*. I got to look at ADORABLE pictures of E and C from when they were little. What sweet little boys they were - they had lots of matching outfits, and looked SO cute! I wish I could have taken them home to show my family smile E’s mom came home around noon from her job (school nurse, counselor to pregnant teens at area public high schools, and lots more), and took us to lunch at Napoli’s, a little italian place. Dahlia couldn’t come with us, but Craig came, and Larry met us there on his lunch break from the school (he’s a doctor of health sciences and teaches and researches at Loma Linda University). It was a delightful lunch, and we said our goodbyes from there. E and I went home and took a teeny nap while packing and left for the airport. Got to talk to Lorna a bit more about her job on the hot drive to the airport. She came in and sat with us until we left. We saw a guy that we went to WWC with in the airport LOL!

E napped on the plane, I read and stared out the window smile Its so beautiful from the sky - I’m in awe of my beautiful Mt. Hood from any angle smile They made E move from his broken seat for the landing (his seat wouldn’t stay straight up, mine wouldn’t go back), so we didn’t get to watch the river together *pout* And our luggage took forever coming off of the conveyer belt. But we made it home, and got to lay and talk and play and kiss. In our own house. I love our house smile I love seeing the people down there, but I love the weather and area here... I just love being with E, more than anything smile

So that was my weekend! I look forward to rereading this someday and remembering the fun of a June in California smile


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