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Daisy Painting

As promised, I’m sharing exciting posts throughout the day to keep you entertained while I’m gone smile

This is the painting I was telling you about - Done in Painter Classic with my Wacom tablet. I *LOVE* how it turned out!!

Daisy Painting


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Kristine, it’s beautiful! You are so talented. *sigh* It’s not fair!

Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!! smile Daisies are my favorite... he he!

Very pretty!!! Turned out great!

That’s so puuurty! Would make a great desktop I think. ;o)

Oh yeah, PS.....

Ahhh... I love daisies! I hope you are having fun!

Its lovely! I’d love to use it as a background or something... You know, it reminds me a lot of the paintings done by that artist named Flavia (http://www.flavia.com/ - in case you’re interested).

Actually, I am using it for my desktop. On my laptop at home and on my computer at work. I hope that’s okay Kristine. It was just so beautiful!

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