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shopping trip

What was going to be a quick trip to the store with E, turned into a quick trip to the store with Megan before Lisa’s game, which turned into a whole family ride to the mall. Blech, not what I was planning on, but I got to go anyhow....

I did find some summer clothes, which will be very helpful to have this weekend! Its not quite shorts-every-day-weather here, so I haven’t had a problem yet. The sun is out today, but its only 54 right now (according to my weather bug, thanks Jenni!).

I got a few more things at Old Navy. Sometimes, you find things there, and sometimes, you don’t. That’s why I hate shopping their with E - sometimes you have to dig to find what you want. I got 3 new shirts - tiny ringer tees (in shown Sachet Purple) - on clearance!, open collar polo shirt (in PC Red), and a v-neck scoop (in bright yellow, not shown). I also got a pair of Classic Denim shorts, because they didn’t have any more of the Denim overall shorts (I already have the khaki ones).

E and I stopped at Red Robin for some dinner (mmmmm, Baked Potato Soup.... French Fries and Ranch.... *drool*), since he came to the mall to meet me - he got some khaki shorts to replace the ones that he wore leaving the wedding... They put rose petals on our seats (beautiful touch), and it stained his shorts because we didn’t get them all off before driving to the beach! And then we stopped at Walmart to see if they had the combination short/skirts anymore (shorts from the back, with a wrap part that makes it look like a skirt from the front). Nope. Annette’s the lucky one who got them, no such luck for me. I did find the mousse I needed (only 2.86, compared to 5.69 at hi-school pharmacy).... AND I got myself some lipfinity! I was kinda worried about getting too dark of a color, so I ended up with a lighter one (#15 Ethereal Sublime). It only gives me a faint color, but it evens out the colors on my lips. It seems to be working really nicely, I’ll let ya know how it goes wearing it - I tend to loose my lip color within an hour of putting it on, so this would be awesome if it works!!!!

And then we came home. Played, watched tv, went to bed. Haven’t packed a thing yet. I did sort the clothes so I can wash them tonight as soon as I get home. (or E will see them and wash them today maybe). I know what I’m bringing now, so that’s good!


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Please tell me what site you bought all that stuff on? We only have one called uk shoppers over here. I am new to all of this, how do i buy stuff on the net?

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