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Painter 5.5 and Jungle 2D

Last night, i got my copy of Painter 5.5 and Jungle 2D from Gardenhose.com smile Oh, what fun! I love learning new programs, and I’ve really been enjoying Painter Classic, so this is the next step up for me. Jungle 2D is a set of nozzles for Painter (also available as tubes for PSP, I think), all of which are foliage-type. Branches, leaves, flowers, grass, etc. Oh, the fun!!! I can’t wait to share some tree pictures with you - I started one last night, but need to figure out how to use floaters in Painter still - I am a bit confused, so I’m gonna find some tutorials on it and then I’ll be all happy smile I’m saving the cool magazine that came with it for the plane ride to CA on Friday instead of reading it instantaneously like Trish *g* ;)

I also haven’t shared my daisy picture that I made over the weekend - goodness, I painted it, and it turned out beautiful! I like it more than anything else I’ve ever drawn. Now, you may look at it and say "that’s not much" but I’ve never thought of myself as being an artist, so its an amazing accomplishment for me! I’ll have to upload it and share before I leave smile

On the art topic, I have to share a few more things. Somebody at the cc forums left a link to {{link http://www.digitalart.org/}}, which looks like a really fun place to browse. Looks super inspiring! I also refound the Color Schemer, which is a neato online tool to help you pick nice complementary colors smile


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I think I have a watered down version of Painter Classic. I believe it came with my Wacom Graphiere Tablet. I need to sit down and learn how to use that btw, but I just don’t think I have the talent for it.

Oh, its so much fun! Try it out! You can really make it look like you are painting with Painter Classic and your Graphire... I’ve had so much fun with it smile Even if you don’t think you are an artist, its fun to play with the tools, draw squiglies, etc. *g*

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