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Don’t you remember Underoos? I was just saying something to my sister Lisa (15) and said something about Underoos and she burst out laughing thinking I was making something up. *g* So of course, I had to go over to yesterdayland and see if they had info on it. Of course they did!

So which underoos did you have? I know I’m not the only one in this age group out there, and more of you MUST have had some!

I had Wonder Woman underoos. I know there’s a picture around here somewhere, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to put pictures of me in my underware in my journal *g*


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Tee hee! The wonder woman ones are the only ones I remember, too! How funny! I didn’t know they didn’t make underoos anymore!

The kids of today are really missing out, I tell ya!

I never had Underoos! Only reason I knew what you were talking about was a Buffy fic. LOL

*raises hand*

I had Wonder Woman and R2D2. Heh.

Oh My God! I had Wonder Woman AND Daisy Duke Underoos. They were my favorites. With those tank tops that matched the underwear - I thought I was something. LOL

I, too, had Wonder Woman underoos. smile And now I work at JCPenney’s and we sell underoos, but only for boys.. I think we have Superman, Batman, and Spiderman right now. smile

I remember having Wonder Woman and my twin brother had The Incredible Hulk (Laughs) I wished I could find those again just to buy and keep around!

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