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being in the middle

My dad asked me to do something that I was very uncomfortable with doing this afternoon, and now I’m all flustered because of it.

He had been given (inside of a pile of other stuff) a letter to an employee from a former employee. Probably wanting to make sure that it wasn’t anything that we could be held liable for, he read it. He left the letter on my desk so when he called just now, he told me to pass a message on to the employee it was for and give him the letter. A very clear message that I couldn’t have given w/o reading the letter, and I feel so bad for having known what was inside of it. It was his choice to read the letter, but I wished he hadn’t made it manitory for me to get in the middle of it too. There wasn’t another option at this point because it had a deadline in it of tomorrow, and I only found it on my desk yesterday afternoon (and dad’s in Missoula on his way to Michigan). *sigh*

[self analyzation time] Why do I get so flustered by this? To the point that my hands are shaking. I had about an hour to figure out how the hell I was going to say it so the employee wasn’t offended AND so the employee didn’t think it was my idea. During that time, I get more worked up about it, until I was really flustered even talking to him. I hate this about me. So much. It doesn’t help that its a green day and I’m always easily upset and worried on green days. But still! Blech, I’m just a moron.


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NO you are NOT a moron. This is not the first time you’ve shared things that sounded like Kristine got the stinky end of the stick. I’m sure being part of a family business is full of complexities that I don’t get. But I also know that it’s usually the nice person who gets stuff run over them.

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