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01June7 - morning...

The sky is so blue this morning! Sunrise must be getting earlier and earlier (just checked, 5:21 this morning), because there was actually light starting to peak through the darkness when I worke up so early this morning.

E kept waking up last night - he has a sore throat. I remember seeing the lights in the bathroom on at one point, but I feel back asleep. My back was so sore again last night that E gave me a backrub at 7, and I feel asleep after that. So then I kept waking up because I had gone to sleep so early. I know I was tossing and turning for the last hour or so.

I feel kinda weird this morning. Like my brain is fuzzy? Maybe a dread of going to work? It gets harder to get out of the car every morning. It doesn’t help when my secretary is in a bad mood and I can’t tell if its something I’ve done. I hate worrying about that kind of stuff, my I do.

I’ve had a headache all week - part of it could be due to these knots in my back that won’t go away. You know its bad when turning your head to the side hurts almost too much to do. Is this week over yet? And then, when it is, then a whole new stress comes into the picture - next weekend, I’m going to CA!! Ack! I must find 2 fathers day presents before then, and get some clothes to wear there. . . its way hotter in So. CA, and Robert’s graduation is outside.

I don’t know why my head feels so funny. Let’s hope that its just a temporary thing and that I’ll be all happy once I get ready and leave for work. So this was a weird post! So sorry!


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Must be something going around... I have been feeling a bit fuzzy for a couple days now. Ack - I hate it!

Hope you fell better soon ... Was feeling kinda yucky myself last week ... it will pass.

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