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Blockbuster and late fees

Like Dara, I’ve had to deal with Blockbuster’s late fees on occassions that we swear the movies were back ontime. I haven’t complained about it yet, since we’ve only been going to this store since we moved in January. But apparently, we aren’t the only ones - CNN.com - Blockbuster offers refunds on overcharge claims - June 5, 2001

Its the closest video store, but they are starting to be a pain, with late charges, credit card machines that don’t like my Visa (even though it worked 5 minutes earlier), etc., etc. I really like the little American Family Video in Camas. Its better. And my sister worked there and might work there again smile And besides, I still have a few free movies on my movie card there!!


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I, too, have had problems with them.. last time I went to rent one they told me I had a late fee and I KNOW I had the movie back before noon.. I told them they were wrong and I made a POINT of having the movie back by noon so I wouldn’t get a late fee.. and I told them if they made me pay it that it would be the last time I rented from them. They didn’t make me pay it. hehe

Me, I get the overdue fines because I totally suck at remembering to return. LOL But did I ever tell you about Erin’s saga? She rented Varsity Blues from BB two summers ago. She returned it the next day. They kept trying to charge her! At one point, many months later, she was down by me and we tried to rent a movie, but the hold was still on her account. Something like $185 or something was owed. St. Charles’s BB had wiped it from their accounts after many complaints from her mother (whose card it was), but that hadn’t gotten passed down to Urbana’s. They had to call and talk and hold, and it was all rather amusing.

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