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Megan's Graduation, part 2

Day 2 of Graduation is complete. But my work for Day 3 isn’t yet!!


This service was good - the graduates got to march in again in their robes (and look so regal!) The speach was provided by Pastor Jeff, and some of the guys were the musicians for this event. Friends by Michael W. Smith is always a good graduation song smile We didn’t have the best seat, but I prompted Matthew through the process of actually taking pictures instead of just pointing the camera and chickening out. So we won’t have many pics of Meg’s grad. Oops.
E and I took Megan out to dinner at Olive Garden after this - it was so nice! We drove her home afterwards, so we had a lot of fun time to chat together. I’m surprised she was able to take the time, but was very glad to spend the time with her smile

Class Night
What a beautiful decorating job? They had a fountain coming off the stage!!


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