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Megan's Graduation, part 1

Last night was the starts of Graduation for my middle sister, Megan. Adventist schools tend to make an entire weekend of events out of it, so here’s my list of events for the weekend.

Friday Night: 8pm - Consecration.

Megan and a group of her friends - DesireÚ, Sarah, Fawn, Kari, Vanessa, Annie, with Brooke on the piano - sang a beautful song called Never Too Long, Never Too Far Away. All of them had solos, and they nailed them beautifully! Wonderful job smile
Mr. Butte, the CAA Bible teacher and the class of 2001 sponser spoke, with a reflection from the class Chaplain, Aly Pritchard. Both had great thoughts - Mr. Butte talked about a change of season, and how Toy Story fit into their class. (Their class aim is "To Infinity and Beyond!" - which I helped them think up!! - looking at it with a Christian mindset gives it whole new meaning.) Aly talked about the Road Less Traveled, and gave it meaning for them. Very cool.
After the talk, the students honored their parents and families with flowers and speeches, and they passed on the torch of leadership to the junior class. Megan lit Chelsea Bliss' candle - which is who I expected her to go to smile

Saturday Morning: 11am - Baccalaureate
This will be during church at Meadow Glade, so it will be much more full than last night. It looks like a bunch of the guys are singing, and Jeff Deming, the youth pastor from Meadow Glade is giving the sermon.
I think E and I will go out to eat after this smile

Saturday Evening: 9pm - Class Night
This is where they do the class slideshow, and make it all about the class. This will be the funnest part of the weekend, I’m sure, as its not in the church, and this class has a great sense of humor smile Meg says that the decorations are gonna be really cool smile I have a new skirt to wear!
Hopefully, we won’t get home TOO late, but I’m betting I’ll be one tired girl the next morning!

Sunday Morning: 10am - Commencement
Here’s the graduation ceremony! What the whole weekend has been leading up tosmile Megan is singing again, I believe (her name isn’t in the program, but mom was pretty sure that she was singing with Des and Annie and Kari in this one). Awards will be given, and diplomas will be given, and the class president (Jaymes Cheney) will speak. I believe that the main speaker was their speaker for a week of prayer this week - Stephen Eastwood.

Sunday Afternoon - Lunch
To celebrate, dad’s gonna take our whole family out to lunch before him and Leonard leave for Michigan. I must remember to bring my present for Megan with me then.

You’ll get full commentary on the rest of this as it happens, I’m sure smile Bored yet? So sorry *G* I’m recording some of this to put together a page for Megan later on smile


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Is Chelsea Courtney and Brenden’s little sister?

Good guess, but nope - another Bliss Family - they have a Jesse and a BrandOn - and Brandon and Brenden were both at WWC at the same time *g*

where in Michigan? I live in East Lansing, MI. smile

Congratulations to her! What a wonderful time in her life. She’s lucky to have you being so supportive!

Alie, they are going to either Saugatuk or E. Grand Rapids for my Uncle’s wedding reception. I have family all over SW Michigan; I was born in Kalamazoo! smile

Kalamazoo! YAY! I was born in Sturgis, an hour south of K-zoo! smile

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