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I am so relieved. I have been really worried about my prescription (bcp). I had a physical and a prescription made up late April of last year. So I was planning on an appointment this April. Late-March, E’s job decided to switch insurance. So I said, fine, I’ll wait until the new insurance kicks in before I go, didn’t want to get comfy w/someone just to switch. So we got it all figured out that I’d get an appointment right after the first of May (when the insurance kicked in). May 5, E lost his job. Insurance only covered us through the end of May. Cobra didn’t send us the forms until last week, so we’ll have an interuption in service, so we had to cancel my appoinment. 2 weeks left in my prescription. *sigh* I didn’t want to go off my prescription at all. So I made E ask today, and the doctor couldn’t extend my prescription, but he did give E a months worth of pills for me! Yea!! That’ll be plenty of time to get Cobra’s forms back and covered through that and get an appointment so I can get another physical and prescription! *phew!*


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oooh thank goodness.. all is good. smile

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