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memorial day weekend :-)

ahhhh... a long weekend! a whole space of time with nothing that I *have* to do. smile

Things I will do!/want to do+/should do?:
! Buy my mother a birthday present and go over to my family’s for lunch/dinner on Sunday.
!/+ Add at least 2 new graphics sets to my page - cssarray/prpaper/exclusives?
! Add new user to blogplates, email my users, post note to designers groups
? Clean the house throughly
+ Cook for Eric
! sit on my futon and read. I have been wanting to do that since I got them.
! Megan’s graduation present - order or go and buy.
! Go out to eat with E at least once.
? Buy tickets to go to CA for Bert’s graduation
? Go to Walmart and see if they still have the skirt/shorts combos that Annette has to buy
! Cuddle, kiss, and relax

I may come back and add to this - its really only for my enjoyment, but I thought I’d post it because it makes me more likely to do it!! smile


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It sounds absolutely divine! I will be doing the same thing. Just relaxing and catching up on a few things. I hope you enjoy your weekend Kristine! *Hugs*

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