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day of no-jerks, designs, and blogginess!

The a$$es that I work with gave us a nice surprise today - neither of them showed up to work. They decided to leave a test for me and the rest of the staff that was none-too-nice. So I spent most of my day bouncing between my work in the office, and their work in the production/shipping area. So much work. So much more of a rewarding day w/o their insultive personalities.

So I didn’t get everything done today, and I didn’t even get to do my normal blog and email checking during breaks and stuff!! Yea for time at home to do this!!

I am working on a new design for our business site. Its gonna be cool! I feel so much more advanced than when I originally designed the site (3+ years ago) I’m too ashamed to even send you over there to look!!!

Let’s see, some bloggy notes!
Rina - I want the bra you saw - how cool! and big congrats on your grades!
Yes, Khara, melting was the word for it. But luckily, now its cooling down to our nice Pacific NW weather that we are used to for the next week - morning clouds, 70-80, afternoon sun, maybe a few sprinkles - much better! Isn’t it great to live where its actually green and pretty from those few little sprinklesconfused!!
Everybody is talking about Lipfinity. I want some now!
I’m thinking a lot about Carol - I’m so glad for her that she’s so close to her special date smile
Anathea is back from her trip smile And Melissa is all graduated now!

Okay, must go answer so email and read my forums! Ah, the joy of catching up! smile


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I have been visiting your site on a daily basis...I love it!!! *All Smiles* Sandee

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