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Buffy aftermath

Oh my god. I was in disbelieve by the end of Buffy last night. I’m not sure if I should post my thoughts in case people haven’t seen yet, but both Rina and Christie already mentioned it, so I think I will.....

*a bit of space to let your eyes go somewhere else in case you haven’t seen!*

What the hell? How can they kill her off?? She’s the slayer. She’s BUFFY. The show is called BUFFY.
Logistically, I knew what Rina had said - They said EIGHT regular cast members were going to UPN... there aren’t enough w/o her. (Giles, Dawn, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya, Spike, and Buffy). There’s no other alive cast member anymore to fill that 8th place without Buffy. You wouldn’t think UPN could use her face on ads for the show next year if she wasn’t gonna be on it.
Wild ass ideas -
Could Buffy be a vampire next year??
Will Buffybot be put back together and serve as the slayer?
Will Angel and Willow save her from the alternate dimension? (I kinda doubt we will be allowed any more crossovers, though)

But overall, this ep was amazing! Xander and Anya - awwww..... The world didn’t end smile Spike was amazing - Willow used some sort of telepathic way to communicate with him? wow! Did you see him bawling at the end? Amazing performance. Go Anya for finding a god’s hammer to use - no wonder they needed to have that episode *g* Tara is among the live and coherent - yea! I liked how Buffy went around raising morale before they all went out - Willow was the strongest in her mind. And she needed Spike *giggle* I was a bit confused at what Giles said while killing Ben - I think I need to rewatch. I was very wowed by this whole thing!

I haven’t seen Angel yet - I’ll watch that tonight. Can’t wait! smile


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I don’t watch Buffy, but I remember reading an article about the girl who plays her and how she said if Buffy was sold to UPN she would quit the show (or something to that extent). Maybe that’s why? I dunno...

I have also heard that SMG wasn’t happy about BTVS moving to the UPN. I think I heard that if that happened, she wouldn’t go. But still, there’s no show without the Slayer. Unless they bring in the next Slayer. The next "Chosen One."

I posted a whole lot more of my comments over at Christie’s board - http://www.homemadegraphics.com/little_things/archives/00000109.htm

SMG is totally coming back - she’s contracted and everything. She also took back her "leaving" comments the day after she made them. I think we might get Buffybot for at least half of the premiere, and then maybe they’ll find a GOOD spell like with what they tried to do with Joyce. Pure of heart, only can be used once in a millenium, etc etc etc.

Hey all... just checking back on if anyone else replied to Kristine’s post. Here is what the ultimate Joss said about Buffy:

So, Kristine beat me to it! tounge out

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