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Education Terms

My mom just asked me a question while filling out Matthew’s registration for next year. They asked a question about his IEP, and she wasn’t sure what it was. I sat here for a second and said "its something I know from Rina. I’m fairly sure it has to do with special ed students." Sure enough, I put it into a search engine and found The Complete IEP Guide
The Individualized Education Program, or IEP, determines the nuts and bolts of your child’s special education

Oh, I’m so glad I listen to Rina every once in a while *g* I actually knew something! (Now why they would put this on the app without a definition, I’m not sure, but still!)


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LOL!!!! Yeah, I’m glad you listen to me sometimes, too. Good to know I’m not just babbling to nothing!

I do remember reading them, for what reason, I don’t remember *giggle* It was just really weird that in the middle of a lot of questions on Matt’s app, this came up. He doesn’t have a need for an IEP, so mom was confused!!! smile (Not hard! *G*)

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