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happy sunshiney morning

Well, I have had a wonderful morning surfing through all of my friends blogs this morning, leaving little notes here and there, and watching the sun lightup the window in front of my desk. When I woke up, it was pitch black. Now the sun has turned everything beautiful colors and a clear blue sky is awaiting my trip outside today. My weather reports are making it look like it will be Sunny and 82-85 and maybe 90 tomorrow! Let’s hope that the sun finds its way to bring smiles to the people who were SO unhappy last week at work! smile smile

Tee hee, the last weather page I went into had an ad for the local car dealership who is giving away free Playstation 2’s with the purchase of a car! Everytime I hear the commercial, I wonder if anyone is desperate enough to buy a car to get a PS2 *giggle*

I got a lot done yesterday. E let me relax and play. I learned how to configure includes for the front page of BlogPlates so I could use the templates in Dreamweaver, but still have a greymatter UPDATES spot on the front page. After I figured out the multiple errors I was having *g*, it worked really well! I worked on finishing up some old Blogger Templates that I have had for almost a year on my hard drive. I think I’m adding a section of basic templates (minimum graphics, a lot of CSS) in addition to my mostly graphics ones. I also cooked yesterday. I’m not sure if I like how this batch of Special K Loaf turned out or not. It was okay, but not as good as the last batch. And yum, 5 cup salad. (Yes, I’ll post the recipes over at TheKitchen in a while smile )

I’m gonna smile and get ready now. Its Monday, I wish I could stay home and enjoy the sun and work on graphics. But I’m gonna put a smile on my face and head to work. smile


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