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Some of this definitely fits me and my personality... Firstborns: The Family Pioneers. I can see this paragraph fitting me particularly:

Ironically, their very success often leads to anxiety: If being special hinges on performing up to high standards, what happens if they fail? To protect against this disaster, many firstborn children set even higher standards for themselves than their parents do, and, as a result, are rarely satisfied. Any success they achieve is not enough. Over and over, they must prove that they are not the failures they fear they might be.
Yeppers, I can see that pretty well.

Link via AOL’s front page, Laura, and Zuba smile


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yup. that’s me too. :-/

Me three. Kind of. Well, I’m the first born at least. But, I’m also a twin, so does that cancel it out?

Sounds like me to a T!

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