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Chicken Soup for the Weblog

Trish posted a link to a post at Trickfred.com yesterday. what a cool introspective post!

For a few of the people who I know the best that read my journal, I think they may see me this way. Others may happen by on a week like this last week and see that I don’t have much to say and judge me by that. But for the most part, I am as glad for the people who visit every day as I am for the people who happen through my journal, as long as each of them they find one thing to smile or laugh or relate with me on. If you don’t see that, please move along - I hate to waste your time.

I am so happy with the core group of friends whose journals I read on a daily basis because I like seeing the real side of them. If the real side of them takes out 10 minutes a day to post or takes 10 times a day to post - I’m getting a unique glimpse into their life. And for me, that’s fun! smile

Okay, I’ll stop my early morning philosophying *g*


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Personally, I loved the philosophying! smile

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