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Again, with the no energy problem. I feel like just sitting here, like a blob, and doing nothing. Started out as a blah day because I didn’t get up early, so I was rushed through stuff, I couldn’t find any clothes I wanted to wear, my makeup was missing, and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to bring for lunch. So I have makeup on now (mom brought it from her house where I left it), but I’m still really unmotivated. I think my eyes could close and be happy! And its not just tiredness - I got 8 hours of sleep even thought I stayed up and cried at Buffy. I need energy, quick! I need to get some work done instead of staring at the computer screen!!!!!


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Oh man, you and me both! Good luck getting the energy, I’ve heard ginseng does wonders to waking you up if you’re into supplements. smile Good idea though, getting up and away from the computer. This dang screen puts me to sleep more often than watching sheep! smile

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