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Flight Arrival Tracking

My Uncle Randy and Aunt Judy are on a plane on their way to Portland right now (and my mom is frantically cleaning the house and my dad is outside shop-vaccing his car LOL!).... so since I’m the silly computer girl, I’ve kept an eye on their flight info this morning to see if its on time. I usually just use PDX’s info, but I know there are some better ways to track the real time info of the flight - I knew I had seen one where the picture really moved if you refreshed the page, and Annette and me were talking about it at break and she seemed to remember seeing one that actually moved in real time while you were on the page. So I search and couldn’t find much (Flytecomm could have been helpful, but it wasn’t showing anything but international flights). Then I just happened up on this: TRIP.com Travel - FlightTRACKER Super cool!!!

Anybody have other good links for checking on incoming flights?


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