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Wow, I was quiet this weekend!

This was a busy weekend - so I didn’t have time to blog! I barely made it through my blog list a few times over the weekend even. This means that none of my projects went any further. I guess stuff is on a bit of a hold this moment, then!!

We had a good weekend, even though it was busy. Courtney is still here - I’m being super quiet because she’s downstairs sleeping. Guests always make me even more quiet than I usually am! She’s leaving this morning, although I’m not sure what time because I didn’t stay up and wait for her to come back from the wedding last night - I went to sleep and I think E stayed up. He’s asleep too *g*

I managed to stay up late on Friday night, even though I was dead tired when I left work. We got up saturday morning and I cooked breakfast (Cinnamin rolls from a can and scrambled eggs and Striples), and then Courtney and I went out shopping. She didn’t really know what she wanted (as indecisive as always!), so we went and browsed the mall and found nothing.... I tried a few things on - I’m gonna need a dress for Megan’s graduation in June. Victoria’s Secret did have a big sale going on their lotions, so I bought some smile Garden Botanika was TOTALLY out of this mall now *sob* but I did order my birthday discounted stuff on Friday afternoon smile We went over to Ross, and Court did find a dress there. Yea!

We went back home, and met up with E, and all went to Olive Garden for the super-slowest waitress ever. (Wow, here comes another sneeze - 3rd this morning! So much for being quiet!). Then we went to Barnes and Noble and hung out for a while - I love doing that smile It was time for our movie by that time! We went over to our nice theater and watched Josie and the Pussycats! What a fun movie! I laughed a WHOLE lot!

After that, we came home and hung out for a while - watched A Walk in the Clouds on TV before I went to bed.

Sunday morning, Megan showed up before I was even done with my shower - she’d been at a friends house and they all had to go get ready for their play last night and left her there! So she came to my house and took a shower here and helped me with getting ready. It was really nice. We got to chat for quite a while. (Sneeze 4!) She helped me get the table set and stuff ready and everything. I made wonderful Macaroni and Cheese, and my dad brought over a huge spread of salad toppings smile Really good meal, complete with Tiramisu for desert - I don’t think I’d ever had any before, and it was pretty good!

I finally got to open the big box on the table downstairs smile But first, I opened presents from my family - mom and dad gave me a baby rice cooker - its so cute!, and some Quick N Brite cleaner stuff that she swears by, a little flash light, and a coupon for a massage at a real place (Health Experience or Natures). Matthew got me a case of Cherry Coke! He knew what would make me smile!!!!!! smile Megan and Lisa got me this cute little fragrance thing - its a glass bowl with a candle below it and you put these drops of refreshing fragrence in the bowl and its supposed to smell really nice. (Sneeze 5!) And then the big box from E - it had a Graphire Tablet in it!!!!! Yea!!!! I’ve been wanting one of these for so long! Well, so long that they don’t even have the same colors available as I had wanted, so he got me indigo because they had no more purple anywhere! But it is so neato! I can’t wait to play some more - just my little bit of playing last night made me want to do more smile

Matthew had been wanting to come over and play games for a while (he sat at my computer and played Roller Coaster Tycoon while we got dinner ready!), so after dinner, E and me and Matthew and mom played Clue! It was lotsa fun, even though we found out that we had played a little bit wrong when we were little - my grandma was known for not reading all of the rules because then she could cheat LOL!

Courtney went to her wedding, so E and I were alone for a while and played and watched some of The Simpsons, and I went to bed. Sleepy girl!

See, I was busy this weekend!!!!!


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