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So sleepy....

I’m now blogging to try and keep myself awake. I just layed my head on the desk and I almost fell asleep! I am SO tired. I need to go to bed. But what am I going home to do? Fix dinner for my guest, who I don’t know when is actually arriving.... Finish cleaning.... entertain said guest.... I don’t think I can even make it the whole ride home before falling asleep. Ugh!

I really need a day to sleep! But not this weekend, apparently. Hopefully she’ll not want to spend the entire day out shopping tomorrow. I like shopping, but I could use some relaxing. Is that super-selfish of me? I feel selfish typing it. *sigh* I haven’t seen her since my wedding, and the last time before I saw her was like 6 months earlier when she needed a place to stay last time she was coming through town. My dad and mom rolled their eyes when I said she was coming because she needed a place to stay. It may have rubbed off on me a bit - I was initially really excited, but now, I’m worried about the whole thing. Reassure me that I’ll be a good hostess and have fun?!

My family is all coming over (well, I don’t know about Leonard) for dinner on Sunday. I hope it will all turn out okay - I can’t wait to have guests, but its enough to give me a little bit of nerves because I haven’t planned it all out very well yet. Its for my bday, so Meg and Dad are going to be cooking everything except for the Macaroni and Cheese, which I’ll do because I love to. But I haven’t decided how much to make for 8-9 people. A large (bigger than 9x13) cassorole dish? A large plus a square? A 9x13 plus a square? hmmmmm....

I feel like Courtney wants me to entertain her. What will we do besides shopping? *sigh* I wonder if she’ll be happy renting some movies. She’s probably seen every damn thing out there, though. That’s how she is. I’ll show her my wedding pics, that’ll be a little bit of fun. Let’s see - shop tomorrow for as long as need-be, then come home and watch movies or go out and watch a movie or what? I feel like such an anti-social bitch lately - I don’t know if I know how to socialize anymore! Its really been too long.

E just called, and he’s on his way. Its 5:52. If Court comes when she said she would, it’ll be about 7. I’m cutting it close - I think we’ll wait on the groceries until tomorrow. E can get them when he goes to get his oil changed. We have enough milk for cereal in the morning, I know that.

So here’s the saga of my moment - sorry for the bitching, but it kept me awake!!! smile Maybe I’ll zip up some files to take home and work on now smile


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