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Birthday fun revisited!

What a fantabulous birthday! My sisters were so sweet and decorated my office with streamers and balloons and left flowers for me yesterday morning so I would have a fun place to come into this morning smile My friend (and secretary) Annette made me this heart-shaped chocolate candy dish. You can actually eat the bowl! And it has chocolate roses on top too smile I don’t think I can actually eat that much chocolate - any volunteers to come and help me?! Because it was also secretarys day, I stopped and got donuts and flowers for Annette. Then she brought me breakfast. Then we chatted and had fun for a while *g*

My sister Megan and 5 of her best friends called and sang happy birthday when they were supposed to be in Bible class! My dad put one of our customers up to calling and singing to me, and that was funny! My sister Lisa and her friend Christina called before they went to OMSI with Health class to wish me happy birthday. My dad called me and made me smile. My mom and Matthew came into work and said I’d get my presents on Sunday when they come over.

I had a donut for break, and then Megan came home early from school (she didn’t have classes for most of the morning) and had lunch with Matthew and mom and me at Smittys (a little diner) - yummy french dip and salad and fries and lots of cherry coke! Megan and Matthew went to make some deliveries and then on their way back, they brought me a red dilly bar!! So by the time the end of the day came, I was totally sugared up - working not very hard!

So I played with some graphics sets I had in process until E came to get me. We called in our Pizza Hut order from here and picked it up on our way home - we tried the new twisty crust - yum! By that time, I was all tired out and just about ready for bed. I got to open a few presents - E kept the big one for Sunday - I got the CUTEST swirly purple earrings from a dear friend and great designer. And then E lit candles in the bedroom and let me open the presents upstairs - massage oil from GB, and a massage book, and treated me to a full body massage. AHHHHHhhhhhh! So nice. He’s so cool! I fell asleep so happy.

Thanks to each of you who left me sweet bday messages and notes and sent me nice cards - You are all so sweet!!!!

{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}


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Sorry I missed your birthday, Kristine! Glad to hear it went well, though. smile

Happy Belated Birthday Kristine! I’ve been out of town and just caught up with everyone. Hope you had a good day!

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