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I don’t like that some people make me too aware of what 4-20 is and what the significance behind it and what they plan to do to celebrate....


Okay, help. I know today is Columbine and Hitler - is there anything else? I’m so confused - someone said something about happy 4-20 if you celebrate, Jen had something on the door about it, but I can’t imagine that these are things to celebrate.

Well, yes to the Columbine and Hitler. Those are both true.

Oh, okay. Makes sense. Thanks. : )

I had no idea that was what 4-20 was until I watched the episode of "Boston Public" last week and they had something about it on there.

Still am confused as to what it is!! LOL

Sorry, Gina! A lot of people who use drugs (especially pot) use this day as a time to get super high. Somhow, people decided that if the police code for marijuana was 420, they’d make that date their day to celebrate. I watched my brother walk into a wall on his way out of work and it made me wonder if he had started celebrating at break time instead of watiting until after work!

can u take me back to where i belong?

you sad deprived humans

420 was originally the time to get high - right after school or something, decided by a popular group of kids in the 70s in southern california. the number boomed throughout california and now its known almost world-wide. (i bet these guys feel cool)

tomorrow my homies and i are going to get FADED, to the point of no return, but only on weed...gonna smoke some bowls/blunts/joints, listen to some tunes, stear clear of school and enjoy a nice chunk of life all to ourselves (ourselves being the stoner community). no other drugs are involved with 4/20. april 20th is sort of the peace love get high day. high on WEED. no drugs, no alcohol, just the herb HIM almighty put here for us to share

the sad cooincidence that april 20th also happens to be hitlers birthday doesnt stop most of us, we try to ignore that, and chase away the bad spirits of babylon with the warm smell of colitas