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Too tired for Buffy and Angel!

I must remind myself today to be very careful whose blogs I visit today so I don’t spoil Buffy and Angel for myself. I was SO tired by the end of Simpsons last night, and I knew I couldn’t make it staying up to watch and still getting up at 4:45... So I went to bed. But I can’t wait to see Buffy! I really want conclusions to the last episode. And Rina says that there are new episodes all of the way through the end of the year YEA!


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Um, yeah, avoid my blog for awhile. My second post of the day was my thoughts on Buffy and Angel - they totally rocked, BTW. Hope you get to watch them soon. : )

I knew you’d be itching to talk about it! I can’t wait to see - planning on watching tonight while we eat dinner smileRight before I’ll fall asleep *g* I actually taped Angel, too - I haven’t watched it for forever, but you had said Willow will be on it, and so I have to see anything Willow-related smile (After I read that post of yours, I had to go and read some Laure fic LOL!)

Willow is hysterical on Angel! You’ll love this episode. She talks with Cordy, which you know is going to be fun. Since you haven’t watched Angel for awhile, the rest of the episode might not make the best of sense, so I can catch up in a quick e-mail if you want.

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