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Ahhh, weekends are glorious

The trees outside my window have beautiful leaves coming out on them - they are just peaking out of the branches so they almost look like little green-yellow flowers. The birds are outside singing. It really is a beautiful way to start a morning where thoughts automatically turn to rebirth (for me, at least).

The Adventist church never has a HUGE emphasis on Easter for some reason, but I went to church yesterday (because my sisters were singing at the church I went to during my growing-up years). Pastor Jeff, the youth pastor from the Meadow Glade church (by my sisters school) spoke after the singing - he had some really great Easter words to share, and it really made me think. I liked his speaking - he was good. It all made me think, because its been so long since I’ve been to church - I don’t know why I don’t go most of the time, but I was pretty nervous on our way to church yesterday about who we would see and who would ask me questions I couldn’t answer - I definately have a bit of an anxiety problem when I’m around lots of people. Anyhow, I’m not quite sure what I will do with these new thoughts floating around in my head - I really would like to try and go to church a little more, though. I don’t know which church, but maybe I need a long talk with Megan about it. Yeah....

So after church yesterday, our family went out to Sweet Tomatoes (Soup Plantation, for the rest of the country) - yum! We sat and laughed and ate and talked - it was fun! Matthew’s such a cutie - I went and got a chocolate muffin and some tapioca - he stopped me on my way back to the table and looked at my plate and smiled - and then came back to the table with the exact same plate and the exact same food *giggle*

After dinner, the kids came over for a very short visit to our house - Meg needed to borrow my leis for the hawaiian banquet tonight, and Lisa hadn’t seen my house since I fixed up the livingroom and bathroom before E’s mom and brother came! Matthew wanted to stay and play games, but Lisa needed to get home, and Meg was almost asleep, so they left.... And E and I played computer games and stuff all day, and watched a movie and stuff.

I have many things on my site that I need to do. So many, in fact, that I made a list on friday while I was thinking about it. I need a week. A week could get my site so there were no more 404 pages when you clicked things. I could finish up the 4 or 5 graphic sets that are almost done. The new subsection of my site would be complete before someone else did it. I could update my wedding page. And I could finish up the elements that I’m working on for this page. But one day just isn’t enough for all of that...

I’d really like to go to an office supply store today - get some more highlighters (hilighters? highliters?) for my desk, a folder holder to put the open files on my desk on, a few more pencils, and maybe some other things. I’m tired of not having drawers to put these things in, but at least I can have a few new things to make me like my job a little more. We’ll see... maybe I’ll just get some things when we go grocery shopping.

I am sad - I didn’t get E the cool easter basket that I had all planned out to get. I am a looser cuz I was waiting for someone to go up to the store with me to pick out the things, and then nobody ever came back to go with me *sigh*. It was such a perfect idea, too!

E washed clothes while I played yesterday smile I think most of the laundry is done now, so thats cool - I do need to print out the tax forms today, and pay a few bills, but the day is pretty much open for anything else that needs to be done - when he wakes up, we’ll see what he’d like to do and go from there smile


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