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solitary concentration?

Today would be an ideal day for me to be working from home. I am really getting into the stuff I’m supposed to be working on... but its partially because its still quiet in my office. Quiet except for the fizz of the can of Cherry coke I just opened and the quiet soundtrack music I have playing on my computer. Once the real noise and interuptions come, I can forsee this mini-headache growing.

I work really well alone sometimes. Too bad I can’t do everything myself!!

Everybody keeps telling me that I need to delegate a few more of my responsiblities to others so I’m not so stressed. Its so hard to know if that’s ther ight thing to do - because sometimes, its just easier to do them myself and know that if a mistake is made, its my fault. If I pass it on to Mom or Annette, there is that chance that they will record things wrong and I’ll have to go back and double check things. Not that I’m perfect, I’m not, but at least I only have to rely on as my accuracy. I’m such a frickin' perfectionist!!

But I’ll work on it - sharing my work, I mean. If I can take a few jobs off of me, maybe my back won’t be in such torture from these huge knots that are taking over!

Back to work I go smile


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