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linkylove as I read...

I feel like sending hugs out to all of my friends right now. So I’m reading and smiling and I thought I’d share some of the things I’m seeing...

Alysha is happily linking Erich, Rina has gone home for easter so her page is quiet, Zal is changing around her site and journal again, Khara is working hard at her new job (she’ll be glad to her first weekend!), Colleen and Amy (who has a secret!) and Kim are still having fun at Lala’s place, Christie’s talking about colored socks (and apparently making necklaces out of bricks and morter *giggle*), Carol and Dara must be working hard this morning, Cheryl’s starting out the worries of being a doctors wife, Gina’s dodging tornados!, Bronwyn found a new camera, Leslie’s daughter has a birthday today, Jenni talks about men who don’t know where things go in the kitchen, it took Brooke WAAAY too long to get a pizza yesterday, and I’m wearing black overalls!

The end for now!


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Actually, I would have updated today, but Blogger is in a bad mood, and is not letting me log in sad Must be the rainy weather.

Those overalls are precious...thanks for the hugs...here’s one for you...HUG!! smile

Thank you !!! I don’t even know how you found out about my page (seeing as how I registered for my URL about a week or so ago). Anyhow, glad to see I have new visitors smile As always your page is wonderful and I look forward to reading every day ! have a great weekend!

Carol - sorry Blogger was broken!

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