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Happy Anniversary to HopelessRomantics!!!

Guess what?
It was exactly one year ago today that the HopelessRomantics Blog took its place in the blogging community.

Today, I celebrate 1 year of journaling. 1 year of recording my life on an almost daily basis for myself. And for my friends. As I said in my HRhistory post (in December, when I had just switched over to Greymatter), "This is the ideal way for me to express myself." That is still so true. My style may have changed over the course of the last year, but the way I think of things in such a digital manner hasn’t changed. If anything, its encouraged me to grow and share that growth with my friends.

I want to thank each of you who I have met during the course of the last year.... some have gone away, and some don’t frequent this page any more... but others have been with me for many months and I am so glad for these friendships.

So join me in the {{popup ann.gif party 280x134}}party! *clink* your favorite drink to mine, and we’ll celebrate today! smile


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Happy Anniversary Kristine. Party time indeed. I’ll have a big frozen margarita, please.

WooHoo!!!! Congratulations and Happy Anniversary ;)

Yay, Kristine! I remember first meeting you on the Ultimate-Wedding e-mail list *over* a year ago. Time flies. Happy anniversary! smile

Congratulations. Mine is coming up in a few days, I think!

Lee - Thanks! Here’s your margarita! *clink*

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