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Cooking together is fun!

Last night, E surprised me by getting off of work a little bit early - he was here by 5something, and I wasn’t expecting him until 6something! So I got to drive him my back way home (its a little further, but much more comfortable to drive instead of down the highway and UPPPPPppp the big hill and stopping on top of the big hill!). I am feeling more comfortable in his car, which is totally a good thing smile And then, we got home and the house was filled with the smell of fresh bread because I had turned the breadmaker on when I left yesterday morning. I love that smell so much, and the bread comes out tasting so good!

So we spent the next while in the kitchen together giggling and cooking together. We had an awesome dinner - fresh tortellini and wonderful spaghetti sauce, salad with red peppers, croutons, italian dressing, and fresh parmesean, and then my fresh bread smile It is so much fun getting it ready together and enjoying a nice time talking during dinner smile

Mondays are cool because I still have energy. The level of my energy goes down every day during the week, but I recharge on the weekend and so at the beginning of the week, I still feel alive. I decided that a workable work schedule for me so I wasn’t so dead all of the time would be working Monday and Tuesday, having a day off, and then working Thursday and Friday, and then having the weekend off. That way, I’d have blocks of two days to make it through, a day to refresh, and then another block. That would be much more doable. When my work days are so long, I just physically can’t make it through the week - last week, I was here for 55 hours, I think. Way too much for me. Now, of course this schedule wouldn’t work because my secretary has kids. And W is early release day for all of the kids in our school districts in the area, which means she has to go home at 1. So I could never take off Ws, but I can dream, right?! smile


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