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creating balance

Kimmie, one of the 3 ladies who made me giggle all day yesterday at lalablog posted some info on sharpening the saw. I think I’ve read this somewhere, and it made so much sense then - I needed to remind myself of this. I’m not so good at balance sometimes. I’m feeling like a worn-down saw today, actually! This weekend will help, at least in some areas. Let’s see,
Physical... I have stairs *g* I got 10 hours+/- of sleep last night.
Social... I’ll talk to E all weekend. Extending myself beyond that is a bit harder
Mental... Keep a journal - hey, that’s do-able! I have some great work that needs to be done on my webpage that will be very mental.
Spiritual... Hmmm - that shouldn’t be so hard. I haven’t done spiritual things for a while, and that makes me sad. I’ll work on that.

Thanks, Kim smile


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