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skips in songs

There’s nothing sadder than downloading a song that you can’t wait to listen to, copying it to your yellow zip disk, carrying it to work, copying it to your hard drive, and listening and finding that the person who you downloaded it from had skips in the middle of the song. Drat!

(case you are wondering, the song was Beautiful [real audio clip] by Joydrop, and someone I read yesterday (who? don’t remember!) had it as something they were listening to in their sidebar and it reminded me how much I loved the song *g*)


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Awesome song! I never heard it before, but I like the clip.

I swear, you have heard it before because I was obsessed with it for a long time and made you listen to the clip then!!!

LOL! Well, you know me. I remember one song that I told you I hadn’t heard, like, 10 times before I got it through my thick skull that yes, I had heard it. LOL Actually, if I heard that song right now, I’d probably still not remember it.

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