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Stupid, Kristine.... really stupid.I got

Stupid, Kristine.... really stupid.
I got stressed out this morning trying to figure out what I was going to say to my dad when he called. I told him yesterday when he was in here for all of 1 hour (55 minutes of that was on the phone) that I needed to talk to him about the situation between me and my mom. (Yes, very work related because we have to work together too much... and we can’t work well when we aren’t speaking.)
He said he’d talk to me about it when he called this morning. Well, he got a late start and didn’t have any time.


The phone has rung off the hook all morning and I’ve been trying so hard to do everything that I do simeotaneous with what my secretary does (she’s on vacation all week. I have no help. I’m all alone here). Wow, its so much work! So not only was I stressed, but I was hit from all sides with the jobs and calls! Ackk!

Back to work for me, that’s all the rant I have time for! Typing invoices so that I can eat. Maybe.!


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Yes, I ate. I had an apple while I did corrections, and pretzels. I’ll eat something real later smile

It sure felt better to throw my rice cakes up against the wall with all of my might! Now, I’ll have mini rice cakes *g*

Eating is GOOD! As are mini rice cakes and letting some of that frustration out. I’m sorry this is going to be such a stressful week - will you be able to talk to your dad tomorrow or sometime this week? Wish there was something I could do to help. sad (((HUGS)))

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