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More driving time

I spent part of the afternoon driving E around. He made me, and that’s what I needed. I’m not so comfortable with his car - its a little bit harder to drive (I have to remember to give it a little more gas when I start in 1st, and remember to shift sooner because the RPMs go up faster than mine). But I think I did good, and I went on roads I hadn’t been on - all of the way over to the Olive Garden by the mall, then back to Fred Meyers, and then home. It turned out fine, and even though its nerve-racking, I’m glad that I did it. He’s being really patient - I have gotten so annoyed at my mom lately, that I don’t want to drive her around at all - so I’m thinking that I really need to spend time with E doing it. Maybe when he picks me up at night, we’ll start taking the back ways and I can drive. That’d be good. smile

So anyhow, I had delicious food at OG, and we got the groceries that we needed (including the soap dish for the bathroom that E wanted and some more socks for me). It was a good way to spend some of the afternoon smile

This morning, I kinda accidently took a nap after my shower. So that means I’ve gotten a nap both days of the weekend smile That’s a nice thing... but its gonna be hard going to bed at a reasonable time tonight to make it up on time in the morning!

So now, I’ll surf some blogs, and work on implimenting a few things for my site that have been in my brain. One or two are expansions for my journal (for my own personal enjoyment), another is a new idea that I got over the weekend for an addition to my site, and then I have several graphics sets that are in process that I’d like to finish up. No, I won’t get it all done today, but I can work on them. Yea for Sundays smile


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