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bad day

I am so bad at dealing with my anger. I had no reason to be angry, but I could tell last night that my mom was upset with me. For what reason, I have ABSOLUTELY no clue. And she won’t tell anyone why until afterwards (she does the same freeze-out to my dad). And I take it so badly - my brain just goes overtime trying hard to figure out what I could have remotely done wrong. And usually, I can’t find anything, but I stress about it and then when she gives me the cold shoulder repeatedly, I’m like 'screwit, I just won’t talk to her.'

So she’s f*cking driving my car still. She drove it all f*cking week long. Today, she didn’t even bother asking. So I got more annoyed about that as the week went on, but I was nice about it. So I don’t think its that.

And, next week Annette’s gone, and I have to work with mom. Well f*ck that. I don’t want to deal with this at all. She’s making me go crazy. I don’t want to loose my mind worrying; but that’s how I am. And I’m sure that many of my insecurities and depressions have been because of her.

She’s pissing me off, and making me swear, and I hate it when that happens. When will the day be overconfused?


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Well, I made it through the afternoon. I don’t have a huge desire to go back to anyplace where she is for quite some time to come, but its the weekend, and I can recover now.

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