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Beautiful postcard from London

I got a {{popup postcard.jpg postcard 691x413}}postcard yesterday. From Megan while she was in London! smile Its the most beautiful lavender sky picture of the parliment building. I think I’d like to decorate my office at home with pictures like this (hmmm, I wonder if E is reading this, and what he would think about that idea?!). Giant white space backgrounds with a beautiful center photograph and a clean text description.

Anyhow, it was so pretty that I had to share!! smile

Hmm, I wonder what kind of beautiful postcards I’d get if I put my P.O. Box address on my journal... that might be cool! smile Would you send me your favorite pictures of your area if I did?


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That is so beautiful! I want to go to London. I want to live in England. Megan is so lucky she got to go there. : )

Oh, oh, I do have postcards from you, though! I have Chicago and Western Springs ones in the back of my photo album. I should scan them in and have a postcards from around the globe section smile

I’d send you pictures of where I used to live (Alaska) but not Missouri! There’s not much here other than farms to make postcards of!

I’d send you a postcard if you send me one! I’m in the process of scanning all of the cards I’ve received from readers to put onto a new section of my site called The Corkboard. I love exchanging postcards!

Well I’d certainly send ya a postcard sweetie! By the way, I simply loooooooove the new look. I really do. smile

That’s right, I had forgotten about those. I love getting post cards, but I don’t have many. One from you in NY, a few from Anna’s trip around the country, and one from Brian in Ireland.

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