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Who's been running over nails with my car?

My brother found a nail in my tire. So I have to go over to Les Scwab and see if they can take it out and patch it up for me. I really wish E was here to do it for me instead of doing it w/my mom *sigh* She’s been driving my car all week, and its frustrating me. Its my own fault because I’m not driving it, and I’m too nice because she didn’t have a car to drive this week, but still. She doesn’t need to get stains on it. I want the stains in my car to be from ME, not anyone else! *sigh*

So let’s hope that I don’t get charged (or at least not too much) to get this taken care of! Cuz I definately look like a helpless female who they could take advantage of and make me pay!


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