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Knots and boys and inventory

Facts and figures

  • My stomach has been in knots for the last 24 hour or so.
  • I had a dream about 3 weeks ago that our quarterly inventory went perfect and smoothly, and I was more organized than ever.
  • I couldn’t print off any of the forms until everything was inputted yesterday, which was after 3:30.
  • Just thinking about it, my stomach is rebelling with these scary noises, and my lower back is getting tight.
  • My brother and the production manager (ha! manager smananeger!) decided to jump the gun. They started counting yesterday. Even when they were told that inventory is TODAY. If they would have been patience, it would have been organized.
  • Its really organized now. I put together all of the paperwork and notes and forms on the table for them to use. But now they don’t care. They’ve already started counting it, so do you think they will even look at my notes? no. Cuz they are assholes.
  • My brother actually came in and asked me (after they had finished) what kind of forms I was printing for them to use. I had showed him the day before. I told him I wished he had waited. He yelled and stomped out.
  • When people are rude and unprofessional, I feel like being the same. I had 3 glass bottles on my desk and I think I would have felt SO much better if I had gone outside and thrown each at the wall, just to watch them shatter. That’s how my job feels sometimes; like my life is shattering with each piece of bad news.
  • We got more bad news yesterday. 2 more employees are gone. Our perfect building that we’ve been in for 8 years may be taken back. And a major distributor went bankrupt and didn’t send us the products as promised yesterday.
  • I know, people will tell me to get out. But if you could see the look in my dad’s eyes, you’d know how much he cares for what he’s doing, and how sad he is every time something goes wrong. I can’t leave right now.
  • When will the knots go away?


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(((((((KRISTINE)))))))) I wish I could come over and hug your neck today! Sounds like you need lots of hugs. (and we both know that hugs make EVERYTHING more tolerable!) :0)

(((((((((((((((((Kristine))))))))))) sending you good thoughts.

Soon I too will be in your position with my dad’s company. I guess it’s sort of like a marriage of sorts...through thick and thin you will stick by them because you want good things to happen for them and their business. Keep up that smile, implement what I like to call a bit of a 'ball-busting bitch' program to deal with your brother, and things will work themselves out. smile

Christie, Gina, and Khara - thank you, my friends... The hugs were *very* helpful to me smile

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