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Song Stuck in my Head

I have had a song stuck in my head since yesterday. Not any normal song, but a song from my early college years. I loved the tape so much that when I lost it, I bought a second. I have NO idea where the tape is now, and the copy of the song I downloaded from napster was only half there! The song? King of the Jungle (real audio clip) by Steven Curtis Chapman, on the Heaven In The Real World album

So anyhow, I found Signs Of Life on my shelf, also by SCC, because I needed some good music to sing at the top of my lungs while I am at work by myself this morning smile Its only for about another 20 minutes or so, but here I go, singing more... "let us pray ... every way .. every moment of the day... it is the right time ... he is listening with love..." This one is one of Meg and my favs, and we would crank it every Saturday morning while getting ready for church when we shared a room. I miss that.

Also brought with me Geoff Moore and the Distance’s Evolution and Home Run, Big Tent Revival’s self titled album (purchased for Two Sets of Jones), and Rebecca St. James' God. It appears that I am in a Christian music kick for the moment, and its really working to make me happier now smile

Anyhow, King of the Jungle is more out of my head now that I’ve sung other songs at the top of my lungs!! Soon, employees will get her, and I’ll have to turn it down, but its been an amazing way to start the morning smile


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