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Alone Time :-)

I had such a nice time yesterday smile I woke up and played for a while before I started doing my actual jobs. I watched funny stuff on TV: Ferris Bueller, all the way though!, a Craft show where they made little springs to decorate your glasses at parties, episodes of 90210 and Boy Meets World, 2 hours of Aerosmith features on VH1, bits of the Dirty Dancing marathon, and part of Jennifer Love’s thing on MTV. Its nice to have two tvs so I could go between upstairs and downstairs and keep doing stuff *g* And it was nice to not have E sitting there flipping my stations and declaring "Nothings on" and turning it off *giggle* I like watching nothings *g*

Between and during the shows, I made Chocolate cake from scratch, Lasagna to be cooked today, and then frosting for the chocolate cake (I had chocolate all over everything). Those things took me a while! I sure hope both of the turn out good smile

I also did laundry - I had a bag of lingerie that I had been needing to hand-wash for quite a while, but I tried out the delicate setting on the washer, and they turned out just fine! - and several regular loads. I cleaned up a few more things. I played with my computer some, trying to get this dhtml menu working for a new site I’m doing. Its starting to make me frustrated, because there is no instructions with it!

So my quiet time wasn’t bad - I actually enjoyed it smile

I was very happy to have E back, though - I sleep much better with him next to me . . . my stuffed froggie isn’t quite as nice to cuddle with!!

Oh, so they got home a little after 5, and we sat around and talked for a while. Then we went to Red Robin, and they were super-slow, but it was okay smile It was yummy! And then we came back home and sat and talked more. Until I got tired; then E took me to bed smile

Yea for surviving through it all so far!!!


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