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Are you all dying to know?

Everything went really well with the tour of my house! smile I woke up the same time as normal (around 4) and finished the office (put all of the rest of the boxes and books neatly in the closet), so by the time everybody was up, everything was beautiful smile E’s mom and Craig seemed really impressed smile Yea for us!

While its all perfect and clean, I’m gonna snap some pictures so I can share with you all smile

But I’m pooped! I worked really hard the last few days. And so I was looking forward all day to going home and just relaxing and enjoying some alone time. E took his mom and Craig to Walla Walla for the wedding, so he’s gone over night. This is the first time since the wedding that we’ve spent a night apart, so I miss him, but it always was going to be a nice chance to do some alone relaxing.

So my mom isn’t very aware sometimes. She is also a little selfish *sigh* She went and told Matthew that he could come to my house tonight, and he got all excited. She wanted to go on a date with my dad (which they do every friday night) and not have to worry about Matthew. Basically, I was told I was babysitting. And normally, I would have said No way, Jose; but Matthew looked so excited about coming over. *sigh*

So they dropped me (and Matthew) off at my quiet house. I entertained him with the Sims and fed him chicken patties and french fries (I wasn’t planning on cooking tonight, but I made this anyhow) He left about 30 minutes ago. Now its my bedtime!

But I have all day tomorrow - until dinner time, when E, his mom, and Craig come back smile

Nighty-night for me! I hope I sleep well, even though I’m alone!


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