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Anticipation for today

My tummy is all tied up in knots. It doesn’t help that cramps are coming at the same time as the biggest stress of the month - my mother-in-law and brother-il are coming tonight! And I had so many good intentions for making everything perfect. The downstairs is pretty darn good. We got the livingroom looking super nice, with the exception of a few decorations that we still need. The dining room isn’t bad - the bookshelf in there isn’t completely decorated, and I’m not sure how well the round table is going to fit on the end of the other one to make enough room for us all, but the majority of the boxes and things that still needed homes are put away. Kitchen is fine, not too worried about that. The bathroom downstairs has one more little project I *must* do before tonight - put the silk flowers into the flower pot in there to match the cute little pictures.

Upstairs isn’t quite so good. The office is covered with stuff that we’ve been moving up here to get out of the way of the living room. It all needs to be straighted quite a bit. I may just shut this door and work on it this weekend. The bedroom is almost done. My dresser has all of my dried flowers from the wedding on it and a pile of candles I haven’t found homes for yet. And the little shelves in the corner aren’t finished decorating yet. But the curtains are up smile The vanity area outside my bedroom needs work. I don’t know if I’ll make it getting the box of my decorations and makeup/haircare/soaps unpacked from under the sink. I may just have to move that box to the closet. But if I don’t get that unpacked, the bathroom is looking bare because there are decorations for the shelf in that big box. Maybe that’ll have to be what I focus on tonight, then.

I definately need to vacuum everywhere. We are grocery shopping tonight on our way home, and I need some flowers for the downstairs to arrange on the table, and maybe I’ll go up to Hi-School pharmacy and get some flowers for the porch, too. I need to lay out blankets and sheets for the futons. We should probably lay down the futons so they are all ready to sleep on when they get in tonight. (I’ll be asleep - E’s gonna get them when they come in at 10:50).

*sigh* I wish I was closer to done. I really wanted to be able to show off my house without feeling guilty for not having it all done yet. So send happy thoughts up for me today that my stomach doesn’t explode for being nervous! I can do this, I know I can!


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Hang in there hon.. all will be okay! Just breathe smile

Thanks, Gina... I’m tryin real hard to breathe, and be calm. Just making that list above really helped because somehow, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming when I have a list smile

Kristine, it takes time to make a house a home. Your MIL will not think any less of you if you’re missing a pot of silk flowers in a bathroom! She’s coming to see you and Eric, not your decor. Just do what you can and enjoy your family’s visit.

Thanks, Dara smile

Hi sweetie!

Hugs to you, Christie!!! Can I come and visit you in jail if you do run your MIL over? *giggle*

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