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Friday and lists

Its been a busy friday. I got up early (3:45) like normal, and did my morning surfing and email reading, and worked on TheKitchen stuff I needed to do. Then I started to get ready and went to wake up E. After laying there for a while, he kinda said that he was gonna go into work late - LOL, that woulda been more helpful last night!! Oh well, we layed and cuddled for a while, and stopped to get donuts on our way to work wink

(I had a dream about glazed donuts. Like they had at WWC every sunday morning. They were yummy in my dream. Even yummier for breakfast LOL! )

Worked hard all day - ate subway - worked hard more and more until the end of the day when the computer decided to crash again. I’m still rebuilding, and its 6! Yes, still at work. E is on his way here - he had to stay late tonight because they are getting ready to move the offices around tomorrow. I get to go and help smile

So tomorrow, we need to do some stuff, but the main thing for tomorrow is helping out with Qsents shuffle around - they have too many people for the space they have available, so its time to squish!. Then, since we are so far south, we are going to go to Frye’s - its a huge electronics store smile We are looking for a TV stand/Entertainment center for the livingroom. I think I’m going to see if they have any graphires while I’m there smile I’ve been wanting one for so long, and I’ve heard so much about them this week. smile

We need to finish the organizing of the house this weekend, because its only 6 days until my Mother-in-law and Craig (BIL) come!!! AWWK! I’ve been procrastinating my listmaking for the final steps a little bit, probably because I wish it weren’t so close.

So here’s what I need to do:

  • Finish finding homes for all of the books and boxes in the livingroom and diningroom.
  • Wash sheets to put on futons for them to sleep on (and the rest of the laundry!)
  • Move rest of linens to futon drawers instead of my bedroom floor
  • Make E finish putting up curtains in bedroom
  • Make E find homes for all of the remaining boxes
  • Take boxes in office and stack them nicely in the closet (finish cleaning up office floor)
  • Make grocery list for Sunday meal; figure out what kind of vegetable, dessert and drink to serve with lasagna and garlic bread - ask dad to help with bread (added note: big salad, maybe green bean cassorole, and cake - look in Betty Crocker cookbook to decide what cake)
  • make sure E gets his hair cut. Maybe trim mine too
  • wash window near door
  • clean all bathrooms - get toilet brush; clean mirrors, take out trash
  • get flowers for flowerpot in bathroom
  • put up shelves in bedroom and wedding pictures too
  • Find tv stand for downstairs Put TV stand together
  • Get Love-productions' phtml pages back working (all html now, but aided by Dreamweavers' templates, so on my computer, its the same as the phtml was doing!)
  • wrap MIL’s Christmas present *g*
  • find bday present for Craig
  • move extra diningroom chairs to garage - moved one upstairs smile
  • I may add to this later

I got interupted last night, so I came back this morning and finished more of the list. I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the main part of it smile