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So nice to be back {{hugs}}

Hello my friends!!

I feel like I’ve missed so much the last few days. For those of you who missed out on the announcement that kept disappearing, my hosting company lost me in the middle of their server shuffle. Sporadically lost me *g* I was up and down and could post and then couldn’t post, but now I’m back smile

So greymatter lost a few posts in the middle of here, and all of my domain’s php is screwed up, and I forwarded TONS of mail to the correct recipients after they deleted my mailboxes, but all-in-all, I’m lucky to have still kept all my files smile

What did you miss? Here’s the highlights smile

On Wednesday, I wore {{popup stortroopermg.gif stortroopermg 70x116}}Mardi Gras beads to work. We had an earthquake here and all over the northwest, it was felt.

Thursday was a sad hard headachey day with many deep thoughts in my head. By the end of the day, I was doing better.... but I tried to move the bookshelves in the livingroom by myself... man, they are heavy when you drop them on your toe *g*

Friday was a blessed day in which I got a chance to go home a little early with E and then eat Olive Garden with my mom, Lisa, Matthew, and E smile

Saturday morning, I did some updating on my site and got a few more pages into the php format. We started uppacking boxes of books in the living room. E and I went and got his 90k service check up on his car. We hung out at Barnes and Noble and I read/skimmed a book about Photoshop 6, a book about design by Robin Williams (no, not the actor), and a cookie cookbook that I almost purchased. We spent several hours in Bed Bath and Beyond, and found the perfect pictures to decorate the downstairs bathroom with. I am going to try and scan them in for you guys to see smile We also found lamps for the livingroom. Then we rented Left Behind, which was a really powerful Christian movie with Kirk Cameron.

Sunday morning, I found that I had not only received all of my mail, but all other love-productions email accounts and I was sporadically seeing the updates I had made to my page and sometimes not. So after a while of trying to fix it, I gave up and tried to get tech support. I left the computer and E and I got ready and went out to breakfast at Sharis while we read the paper. We went and got a few groceries,and then came home and unpacked more boxes of books and cleaned and did laundry and worked on putting up the curtains in the bedroom. I put up my decorations in the downstairs bathroom, and now all I need are some silk flowers to go in the flower pot on the counter smile We tried to watch Chicken Run, but the sound was screwed up. I had a headache, so I ended up going to sleep between 6:30 and 7 (in my clothes, no less!) and not waking up until 11 when E came in after La Femme Nikita! Promptly went back to sleep smile

Monday, I spent as much of the day trying to get tech support to fix my page as I could while working. So, my working wasn’t as productive as it should have been *g* The sun was shining so after I drove home, I opened all of the blinds and cleaned some more. E and I cooked together and did the crossword, and sat on the couch together and relaxed until I started falling asleep smile

And now its Tuesday, and I got greymatter up and working again this morning. I’m working on work at the same time smile Really!

But now its time to go back to more work - thank you all for your notes and stuff - makes me feel so happy to be back! {{hugs}}


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Its great to have u back..Kristine..thought it was me why I was seeing things..here is your graphics at work..great job (hugs)

I’m glad your back and wow.. sounds like you were busy busy!

Yes, definately busy! Only 2 weeks till my mother-in-law comes, and boy am I feeling the rush to get it done!

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