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Movies :-)

I watched Bring It On (2000) last night with E. I don’t think it was his first choice, but I kinda wanted to see it smile It was actually pretty good, but then again, I like the teeny-bopper kinda movies *g*.

The thing that struck me as funny was how Buffy-related it was! I mean, obviously, I knew that Eliza (Faith on Buffy) was on it, but Glory (her wonderful Glorificus!! *giggle* played by Clare Kramer) was on it too! I think she is super-pretty smile And then Nicole Bilderback was on Buffy on The Wish episode (I had to look that up, but I was pretty sure that was the case - that’s one of my very fav buffy eps!). This could be just me, but Jesse Bradford had a striking resemblance to Nicholas Brenden. Tee hee....

I also watched Frequency... that was good, but had me scared and looking in shadows for bad-people trying to kill me!! We still have Princess Mononoke to watch, and E has Battlefield Earth.


Wanna know a fun tid bit? I actually went to high school with the girl who played "Darcy" in Bring It On. smile

Oh, wow, that’s super-cool, Belle! smile Did you know her, or just know her from afar? The closest to fame I have is that I went to school (at a little private school, so we knew each other pretty well) with Candice Jackson, sister to Jonathan Jackson (of General Hospital fame) and Richard Jackson (of Saved by the Bell and several Ally McBeal eps) smile Neato spedito!

Oooh, I wanna see Princess Mononoke! I love Gillian Anderson. But you already knew that.