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Okay, so I didn’t watch the Grammys. But I was super-curious as to how the Eminem/Elton song turned out. After hearing Dido sing Thank You (with my sister Lisa sitting here wondering who screwed up the Eminem song *g*), she made me listen to Stan (the *real* version in her mind). This song makes me sad. Not because I don’t like Eminem, I don’t mind him as much as some people.... must be my brothers influence - my siblings all like diff music and because of that, we all have more varied tastes. Its just that Stan (the fan in the song) is so sad sounding because Eminem wouldn’t write him. And when he talks about his little brother Matthew, it makes me sadder.

But anyhow, I downloaded the song from Napster and just listened to it. I’m still not quite sure why he picked Elton John to sing with him. Dido is excellent at it, but it just doesn’t seem like Elton was the right choice. Hmmm...

Must listen to some happy music now smile


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While Eminem said that he didn’t know Elton was gay when he agreed to the duet, I don’t think I believe it. LOL This was Eminem’s way of showing that he’s not homophobic like his song lyrics say - hence the hug and hand clasps at the end of the performance.

I don’t believe that either. He had to have known. Makes perfect sense to me, but I still wish that he has just used Dido because she does it so well! wink

Yeah, Dido rocks. LOL But I’ve been an Elton fan since before I could walk, so I’ll listen to and love just about everything he does. Although *must he wear outfits like that? LOL

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