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Bad day?

Ever had a day where everything your boss touched was something that you did wrong, and you got yelled at for it? *sigh* That’s been my day so far. And then the computer crashed, and my headache came back! Loads of fun here *g*

I can’t wait for the weekend!

We get our table tomorrow sometime, and our futon covers are in at the mall. So hopefully I can get the laundry done and the rest of the livingroom furniture (drawers for under futon and end/coffee tables) set up while I wait for the table, and then go to the mall and pick up the futon covers, check and see if the shirts at Old Navy are still on sale for E, and *maybe* stop at Norstroms to see if they have my size in dr. martens now smile But I really want to rest tomorrow. Can I take a nap?!


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