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Good Morning!

Wow, I just looked up, and the sun is out! I get here before sunrise now, and so it was still dark (with the sun just coming up behind Mt. Hood, and there tons of fog).... but now the sun is out! That’s a good sign that today will be better, right?

Last night, I didn’t leave work until after 5:30 by the time E got here. I got quite a lot done. The computer had been up ALL day for the first time since last Thursday. Wow! (Speaking of which, I’m backing up in the background AGAIN!) Then we went to Arby’s for dinner because we knew that there wasn’t much at home to eat *g* By the time we got home and got in the house and stuff, it was almost 7. I made the mistake of climbing into bed for a few minutes. E sat there and we talked and next thing I knew, I was asleep! I heard E on the phone w/his mom at one point, but besides that, I was out for the night. So I’m feeling a lot more alive today - I needed that extra sleep!

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get any of my laundry done, or emails written, or Buffy watched, or dishes washed! Oh well, theres always today smile

May your day be FULL of sunshine, my friends!!!


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