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I'm such a whiner.....

Well, it looks like the persistant headache yesterday wasn’t just the stress of evil co-worker and the computer crashing on me yet again. I opened my eyes this morning at 2:45 when E got up to blow his nose or something and instant pain. My head pounded at me so bad. I got up and got some Aleve, but I just couldn’t go back to sleep - I layed there until 3:45 and got up to read my journals, but even sitting up is hard. I have a feeling I’m getting an evil cold now. My throat is sore and my normal headache seems to be combined with a sinus headache and my body is all achy. And of course, this’ll coincide with cramps all day, too. And I *so* don’t want to go to work today. I keep trying not to think about it. When the computer crashed, it ate a whole bunch of invoices. So do we restore the backup from 11 and reenter about 19 pages of faxed in orders, all of the huge pile of shipping corrections, and the inventory OR do we try and fix the errors in the system? Every time we’ve tried to fix the errors, we’ve missed some because we don’t find them till later... *sigh* I could see 3 of them (invoices that got royally screwed) by browsing, but with all the bitching it did to me when it was rebuilding, I am sure there are more than that. So I can tell this headache won’t be going away until at least this time tonight... I wish I could stay home. *sniff*


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You poor thing! I’m so sorry you are feeling rotten. It must be a nasty trick being played by the same evil little imp that has been at my house this week. ):0(

I think that sounds like a plan, sweety! I hope you are feeling better now smile ((hugs))

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